Polish Six Sigma Academy - Who we are?

Six Sigma is more popular than ever as an operational quality improvement technique for cutting cost, improving processes and reducing cycle times. But Six Sigma can also be employed as a powerful leadership philosophy and methodology. Today more and more companies are realizing the full potential of Six Sigma as a strategic tool for developing and accelerating corporate strategy and for spurring organizational change. For example in GE, Six Sigma change the business DNA and is the "way they work". The Six Sigma process starts with an understanding of customer and business requirements. Six Sigma, then designs or improves a processes to meet or exceed delivery of those requirements. Polish Six Sigma Academy is the leading provider of Six Sigma training, support and consulting services. Its process begins by understanding your business goals, opportunities and needs and is designed to help service and industrial organizations capitalize on the benefits provided by the Six Sigma and DFSS improvement strategies.

Polish Six Sigma Academy

80-217 Gdansk, ul. Kreta 22 I
tel: +48 604 78 37 77
fax:+48 58 345 27 98


NIP: 947-129-04-27
Regon: 192630924-00026
Konto: Kredyt Bank I Oddzial w Gdansku
nr r-ku: 10 1500 1025 1210 2007 7385 0000


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